Auth Login


Login to get an authToken to be used for future calls




Name Required Default Format Examples Description
appKeyyesstringqiusdjsls9273sdYour application key
emailAddressyesstringtest@mirabilis.meThe user's email address
passwordyesstringThe user's password
timestampyesdigits1410821833Unix timestamp of when the request was made
signatureyesstringef20bde134a8f236896208f1922b3e29A md5 signature of all your params and application secret concatenated together in the following order: "appKey . username . password . timestamp . appSecret". There is no 'dot' between the parameters when creating the signature.
tempAuthTokennostringdGVzdF9rZXkmNCYxNDEwODk4MzgxJmRldmVsThe tempAuthToken is only returned from a /user/addreview call. If this is given, then any reviews for the temporary user will be transfered to this logged in user.

Response Description

Example Request×tamp=1410821833&signature=xxxxxx&appKey=test_key