Auth Register


Register a new user




Name Required Default Format Examples Description
appKeyyesstringqiusdjsls9273sdYour application key
emailAddressyesstringtest@mirabilis.meThe user's email address
passwordyesstringThe user's password
tempAuthTokennostringdGVzdF9rZXkmNCYxNDEwODk4MzgxJmRldmVsThe tempAuthToken is only returned from a /user/addreview call. If this is given, then the temporary user's info will be overwritten by this new user.
reviewIdnointeger192A review id that was created during this registration. If this is given, then the email to the new users will contain some info about the condition.

Response Description

Example Request×tamp=1410821833&signature=xxxxxx&appKey=test_key_1